5 FT Deck Playset Ultimate Clean and Stain Starting At:



Our Ultimate Clean and Stain is a service we provide to power clean and apply a professional grade oil based sealant to your wooden playsetNot only will your playset look beautiful, the new sealant will now preserve and protect your wood from damage caused by too much sun, wind and wetness from rain and/or snow.  Our manufacturer recommends you apply a new stain coat every 2-3 years.

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Protect and Preserve your Playset wood and accessories with our Ultimate Clean and Stain.  Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Take off all accessories, rocks, swings, slide, ropes, vinyl roof

Step 2:  Powerwash and clean all wood and accessories –Patch any holes if necessary.  Powerwash will remove all dirt and mildew so oil stain will adhere and preserve wood.  We do not recommend removing the water based stain.

Step 3:  Next Day – Hand apply oil based stain – 1 coat and 2nd coat if necessary.  Let Dry

Step 4:  Reattach all accessories, rocks, swings, slide and ropes.  Perform 5 point safety check.

Step 5:  Look for warranty wood issues make suggestions for updates if necessary.