Woodplay Outback 5 Combo 3 Outdoor Playset


The Outback™ Series playset will get your kids outdoors and it will look great in your backyard! The Outback features angled ladders which are a Woodplay® original – and now an industry standard. The angled base design offers more play area, greater stability and a sturdy foundation, making this Outback model great for uneven or sloping yards, large families or kids with lots of friends. The Outback playset creates the most room “down under” the deck – enough room for a tire swing – and gives wide access to the deck from the rock wall or chain ladder! With room for several swings, three climbing add-ons, and two on-deck accessories, this wood swing set has a bit of everything to keep kids playing happily for hours.

The playset shown above is a combo 3 and includes a slide for an exciting and safe high-speed rush as well as a swing beam to get your kids flying high outside. The combo 3 also includes a Monkey Climber addition, so your kids can imagine swinging through the trees or just hang out in your own backyard!


Shown with:
Racing Wheel
2 Belt Swings (Green and Yellow)
Tire Swing
Rock Wall
Rope Ladder
10” Wave Slide
Wood/Chain Ladder Combo
Vinyl Roof
Monkey Bars

25 Sq. Ft. Deck
5′ Deck Height
8′ Swing Beam Height
10′ Slide Length
L25’10” W11’4″ H12’3″

Roof Options:
• Vinyl – Green
• Vinyl – Yellow
• Vinyl – Red
• Vinyl – Blue
• Vinyl – Red/Yellow
• Vinyl – Green/Yellow
• Vinyl – Blue/Yellow
• Vinyl – Red/Yellow Stripe
• Wood