Woodplay Playhouse XL5 Combo 2 Outdoor Playset


The Playhouse series lets them unwind with traditional, square base playsets that allow for popular accessories such as a built-in sand box or picnic table. These options for more relaxed play let them take it easy after a long day of fighting crime, exploring uncharted waters, or any other adventures their Woodplay® playset will take them on! Playhouse playsets are available in redwood or cedar.


Combo 2:
– Base Playset
– Slide
– Swingbeam

Shown With:
– Safety Handles
– Telescope
– Racing Wheel
– Trapeze
– 2 Belt Swings
– 1 Toddler Bucket Swing
– Picnic Table
– Ramp

– 5′ x 7′ Deck Size
– 5′ Deck Height
– 8′ Swing Beam Height
– 10′ Slide Length
– L24’11” W15’8″ H12’3″